I'm from the Pacific Northwest and I love being outdoors—yeah I know, how original. I’m obsessed with the 15-minute city, modular and micro homes, and architecture. I recently got my wood shop safety certification and am sketching concepts for furniture.

I'm seeking my next role designing business services or web applications in an early or growth stage company. I'm especially interested in green tech, healthcare, infotech, and banking or finance.

Principles I follow

  • Good design is for everyone, not just the tech-enabled
  • Strong opinions loosely held
  • Be nice and support each other’s growth

Currently reading

  • The Overstory (Richard Powers)
  • Survival of the Richest (Douglas Rushkoff)
  • Org Design for Design Orgs (Kristin Skinner and Peter Merholz)
  • The Making of Manager (Julie Zhou)