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Promoting design-focused properties to experience-conscious travelers

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SURŌ is a company that curates and promotes travel properties focused on high-quality design. They leverage their website listings, social channels, editorial, and newsletter to promote their collection design-loving travelers.

Their audience is passionate about the thoughtful, cohesive design of physical spaces. They engage with SURŌ’s brand to find properties that feel hand-picked by insiders and experiences in line with a philosphy of slow travel.

Joining this platform gives property owners access to a targeted and highly-engaged audience through a promotional listing and a suite of marketing services.

Customer Needs

Travelers want easier access to properties with intentionally designed spaces, unique settings, and a clear purpose or philosophy of travel.

Until recently, most booking sites lacked the features to identify these types of properties on most booking sites. Search and discovery were limited to attributes like destination, property type, top amenities, and price. They left further refinement to users to weed through listings and photos or do their own research.

Boutique property owners want easier access to customers who purpose, taste, and budget align with their unique offering.

Owners have many online platforms where they can list their property. Most booking sites reach a large audience but not a targeted one. Many of SURŌ’s customers didn’t feel existing platforms were in alignment with their vision, aesthetic, philosophy of travel.


We designed a website that helps travelers find relevant properties and gives property owners access to the right customers.

Travelers gain access to a curated collection of unique properties, with relevant features for search and exploration.

  • Curated directory of properties
  • Useful search and discovery features
  • Recommendations via social, editorial, and email

Owners get affordable marketing to the right customer base through:

  • A promotional listing on the website
  • Promotional content on channels of their choosing
  • Straightforward and set pricing for services
  • Member accounts to manage listing and orders
property owners, a married couple, posing with their two young children

Property Owner

“I want to reach more customers who interests and values are a good match for our property. There are lots of travel sites and publications, but it’s not clear they attract people who value what we do.”

headshot of a traveler reclining in lounge chair outdoors


“I’m frequently searching for properties with qualities that most sites don’t recognize as features. Like modern architecture or an off-grid beach stay. I might find these things in the listing or photos, but it’s not part of the initial search.”

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